All Dressed Up With A Pump To Match

During high school, homecoming dances and prom were things every teen girl fantasized about. I mean you got to get all dolled up and go out with friends. Or maybe even that guy you’ve been dreaming of going with finally asked you, what girl wouldn’t be excited? With homecoming or prom comes finding the perfect dress. Well, being a Type 1 Diabetic and an insulin pump user meant that there was an extra accessory that I got to wear. What was I supposed to do with this contraption on my side? Was it going to ruin my outfit? Well, thanks to my mom and her constant support, we found a solution to this problem. After some searching online, she found that we could order a strap that went around my leg with a pouch to hold my pump. After my first time using the strap, it became my go-to for every dance after that. Being a teenage girl who just wanted to fit in, this was a life saver. Writing this article got me thinking about what other devices and options were out there for girls and women who are pump users wanting to wear a dress. I did some searching online and found that some women have pouches sewn into the sides of their dress to hold their insulin pumps. I also discovered that others are comfortable simply attaching their pump to their bra. My favorite idea that I came across was a pair of spandex with a pocket attached for the pump to comfortably sit in, and would work well for females of all ages. With a little creativity and an open mind, there are many ways to comfortably wear an insulin pump and a dress.

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