Diabetes 101

For those of you who aren’t completely familiar with Type 1 Diabetes and all the lingo that comes with it, I’m writing this article to break it down for you. Type 1 Diabetics are dependent on insulin every day of their lives. On occasions, we take too much insulin or are active which can cause our blood sugar to drop too low. Other times, we miscalculate and take too little insulin and our blood sugar ends up high. Some diabetics take their insulin through injections, others wear pumps or continuous glucose monitors. Insulin pumps calculate how much insulin we need based on our blood sugar and how many carbs we eat. With an insulin pump comes site changes. A site change is when you move the infusion set on your stomach to a new spot to prevent an infection. A site change also involves reloading your pump with more insulin and new tubing. Continuous glucose monitors are similar to an insulin pump, but they keep constant track of what your blood sugar is for you. Another aspect of diabetes is testing your blood sugar. Most people are pretty familiar with this concept of finger poking. Carb counting is also a major aspect of Diabetes, which many people, diabetic or not, are familiar with. While things don’t always follow this pattern, these are the day to day basics of being a diabetic.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 1.14.18 PM.png


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