Kickin’ It With Diabetes

If you were anything like me, sports were a huge part of life when growing up. I started playing soccer at the age of four and continued all the way through my senior year of high school. As I got older and soccer became more competitive and demanding, it was difficult to manage my diabetes. With the high level of activity came lots of low blood sugars. I would often run low hours after I got done with soccer or even in the middle of the night. With the help of my family, we quickly learned the importance of night time snacks,eating protein, and testing my blood sugar before bed. It became part of my routine every night to check my blood sugar and eat a snack before I went to sleep. If I listened to my mom, it would be something with protein to hold my blood sugar throughout the night. Another issue I came across while playing soccer was the decision to wear my pump or not. I was most comfortable wearing my pump during practice, and taking it off for games. This meant there was always the risk of running high while on the field. We also found that the adrenaline and nerves I would feel before or during games could cause my blood sugar to rise as well. To prevent this the best we could, I would take a small amount of insulin before removing my pump and getting into the game. We discovered that in most cases my blood sugar would run a little bit too high, however, it would fall back down on its own shortly after activity. For those who choose to keep their pump on during games, there are lots of  devices to help keep it in place. When I was younger, I tried out a strap that held my pump on my back while I played. There are also straps that can keep your pump secure around your waist while playing sports. Or if you’re like me, just clipping it onto my shorts during practice was the easiest and most comfortable. I did some searching online to find if there were any other new devices and was thrilled to see that there was a sports bra with a pouch for your pump. When it comes to being a pump user and staying active, choose what’s most comfortable for you!


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